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Dive into an ecosystem where learning meets fun, and where your expertise shapes the next generation's holistic growth. Partner with us today and be a beacon of innovation and inspiration!

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We provide opportunities for continual professional growth, paired with the chance to significantly influence young learners' lives. Expand your horizons, connect with a wider audience, and make a tangible difference in education.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have full availability to apply?

No, you will receive offers from us but you can apply to the ones that you find convenient and fit your schedule. Instructors will be assigned to a program only after accepting the deal and its conditions.

What responsibilities include accepting a new deal?

Accepting a new program includes defining what are the main goals to achive and creating a scope of work, with a structure for each class, which will be shared with the school's staff. Also it is super important to arrive on time. We suggest to arrive at least 30 minutes before the first lesson to meet staff and familiarize yourself with the facilities and to arrive 10-15 minutes before schedule for the rest of the program sesions.

Am I elegible for more than one program?

Yes, you can accept as many offers as you want, as long you can commit to all the programs.

How will I receive the notifications?

Every notification will be sent via sms and email.

How much time do I have to respond a new deal opportunity?

The faster you answer the better! We offer the deal to all our pool of instructors and the ones that respond faster have more chance to win the deal.

What's the expected rate?

Rate can vary depending on the program's details, school's budget, number of kids and other details. We will let you know the rate of each program when you send you a new opportunity.

Will I become a HOKALI employee after I complete my onboarding?

No, you will be registered as a HOKALI partner, meaning you're an independent contractor.


Coordinate all schedule changes only through HOKALI. Avoid cancellations, but in emergencies, contact us to reschedule or provide a substitute. No-shows without prior notification may result in penalties.

Communication channels

All the communications must be through our support team. Email: Text Message (only): ‪(415) 843-1065 Phone Calls (only): (415) 707-2892‬

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